How One Aspen House Lives Up to LEED

Allie Weiss & Brent Moss Photography

Smart technology helps a house in Aspen, Colorado, stay on its sustainable course.

The Aspen residence of architects Sarah Broughton and John Rowland aims to leave the pristine local landscape intact. “Every drop of water that lands on the property finds its way to the bocce ball court, which is our storm-water filtration system,” Rowland says. “By the time it leaves, and heads to the aquifer, it’s as pure as it can get.”

The couple’s house is LEED Gold certified, a rating they achieved by taking into account a number of considerations: They designed the structure so that a large tree in the front yard could be retained; construction was executed to minimize erosion and site impact; and the house itself has high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, among other features. Photovoltaic panels provide about 60 percent of the abode’s energy. 

Photography by Brent Moss. To read the full article, visit Dwell.

Photography by Brent Moss. To see the full article, visit Dwell.